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body, mind and soul
Lucy Crisetig - Personal Growth Teacher • Mentor
Lucy Crisetig - Personal Growth Teacher • Mentor

Discover the Power

of Personal Growth 

with Lucy!

Learn how to reconnect with your true self to build a strong, healthy relationship with yourself and meaningful relationships with others.

Unlock your power to love your way through life!

Download your copy today.

Introductory Chat

My goal is to help people learn to love their way through life.


A personal growth plan with online courses,1to1 coaching and group workshops,

you’ll find the benefits of creative problems solving with inspired solutions,

meaningful clarity and focus, and the courage to move forward on the path of your best self.


Give yourself the time to pause, listen to the whispers of your soul and empower your purpose

by making conscious decisions for your Personal Growth.

I’ve been where you are. 


And I want to let you know, life doesn’t have to be this hard.

Lucy is passionate about helping creative women, like you, ready for change, navigate the ups and downs of their life journey, without second guessing themselves, so they can flourish and feel lit up, loving their way through life. 

Her own journey of discovering how to live from her soul's wisdom on purpose and with self love has brought her the greatest and most valuable benefits of her life. She knows those valuable gems are also there for

her clients.

Lucy uses powerful creative and mindful processes enabling her clients to find authenticity and meaning so they can feel lit up and on fire about life!

Your Journey of Personal Growth

Your Journey of Personal Growth
Lucy Crisetig - Personal Growth Teacher • Mentor
Imagine the Benefits
of being able to:


• make positive changes to your thoughts, 

   emotions and behaviours

• melt stress and frustration

• trust yourself and live authentically

• see the possibilities available to you

• be more grounded and present even

   during challenging situations

• define your boundaries and hold them

• express your creativity

• value who you are - body, mind and soul


All while feeling lit up with

curiosity and play using art journalling processes and mindful techniques.


Have you wanted to know more about what Creative Mindfulness is and what it can do for you?

Want to relieve stress and overwhelm?

Want to know yourself better?

How can you begin to feel into your body to interpret its signals?


I had the pleasure of being on the Living Life Naturally podcast and sharing what I see as our Genius and how Creative Mindfulness can benefit anyone who is ready for graceful personal growth.


I was happy to share how Creativity and Mindfulness have so many benefits for your personal growth. I also shared my story of how this passion in me grew to want to share these tools with others.




"I am grateful you were sent to my life, this IS exactly what I needed and asked the Universe for! You are a blessing and my Angel! Namaste"


Lucy S.

"Lucy Crisetig is such an insightful person that her ability to intuitively know what the issues are and how to address them is astounding. Her desire to genuinely help people is imprinted in her genes. She is a warm and gentle soul that I truly believe brings light and goodness into this world." 


Alex V.

"I had told my mother and sister about the workshop and they are really eager to partake in your next workshop with me! They are looking to empower theirselves just like I had came home feeling empowered, more aware and self-reflected. I also think it would be something very special that we could all experience together. I very much enjoyed the time I spent for myself that evening, and when I told them about it,

I could tell that it had a ripple effect and influenced them positively as well."

This is your time to pause and BE You.

Easy Ways to Get Started

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Introductory Chat

Book a complimentary 20 minute introductory chat

so we can begin to get to know each other.

We'll discover what really matters to you and how

we can work together so you can light up your life.

Let's Chat!

Feel lit up and
on fire about Life!

Embrace some simple techniques 

to begin generating your soul's genius.

Download your free copy now by clicking the link below.

"Generate Your Soul's Genius"

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