Lucy Crisetig

Personal Growth Coach

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This is a busy world.

Our lives are complex.

Now is the time to

expand your inner world

to build centeredness in your being,

meaning in your life,

and connection in your relationships.


Join me as we weave together

cutting edge methods of

personal growth, accessing the

mind-body connection (mindfulness), 

as well as art therapy (creativity)

into practical life skills.

Ease stress and anxiety to lift your mood

Tap into your genius intuition to be a better problem solver

Express yourself in a fun and healthy way making it easier to process challenging emotions

Build richer connections with people in your life making your relationships more authentic

See hidden opportunities so you can connect the dots and finally move forward

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I invite you to learn more

with a download of my free booklet,

"Generating Your Inner Genius"

Ink Mark
Ink Mark

My passion is to reignite your relationship with you

through creativity and mindfulness.

Listening with an open heart,

focused on you and how you're feeling.

So we can tap into the reality you're going through

and what lights you up.

We'll walk on a journey together reconnecting you to

your authentic self, your values, your dreams. 


Personal Growth using Creative Mindfulness guides you

to explore your creativity with curiosity, journaling, mindfulness

and cutting edge methods of human growth to form the bridge

that takes you from your stressed self to the self that is living with ease.

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I invite you to download my free booklet to begin "Generating Your Inner Genius" and I will keep you up to date

with Online Courses, my book "Finding Sofia - be inspired" and new Blog articles.

For virtual meetings, please book online for 1:1 consulting on Zoom.



Creativity is the ability to generate, create, or discover new ideas, solutions, and possibilities through insight, convergent thinking, and divergent thinking. All three combine to give rise to creativity.

Creative Mindfulness

Creative Mindfulness

can help you to...

                   Recognize life patterns that repeat               Ground yourself through challenging situations
                   and don't serve your highest good          
                   Be more present with every moment           Deepen your relationships especially the one with yourself
                                                                         Develop better communication skills
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"Generating Your Inner Genius"

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