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Let me show you how to find more ease in life by going within and igniting your soul's genius

You’ve done everything in your life the way you were “supposed to”.

You made everyone else happy with your decisions.

You’ve given so much to your kids, parents, colleagues and your job.


Yet something still feels like it’s missing.


All the “right” decisions haven’t helped you deal with life’s stressful and challenging events with more ease. In fact they may have made them more difficult leaving you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck.


You’ve reached outward with self help books, followed other peoples’ opinions and suggestions, tried counseling, maybe you’ve even tried medical help.


You know you’re creative and there’s something more bubbling up inside you, yet you don’t know how to get there. You keep putting it aside and busy yourself so the feeling goes away - until it comes back..


It’s time to remember who you are, what your dreams are and to trust yourself.

Imagine being able to: 


  • Get {you} out of your mind and back into your body to begin to trust yourself and notice the whispers of your soul.


  • Quiet anxiety and let go of grief, shame and guilt so you can feel worthy of the joys in life.


  • Reclaim the gems of wisdom embedded in your story so you see the value your journey brings to the world.


  • Truly know and understand yourself as you begin to love yourself more and have more to offer others.


  • Release your fears and step out of your comfort zone with confidence and a sense of playfulness and curiosity.


  • Are you ready to rediscover your soul’s purpose and light yourself up by life again?

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Here's What We'll Do Together To
Ignite Your Soul's Genius



  • You'll learn how to move away from all the chatter in your mind so you can recognize the critic in your head and begin to reconnect to who you really are


  • You'll learn proper breathing modalities so you can lift out of fight or flight mode and into more ease


  • You'll learn how to reconnect your heart and your brain so you can trust yourself to make better decisions and slow down so you can hear the whispers of your soul.

Your Result: You’ll be centered and grounded in your body, able to step away from the constant chatter in your mind causing you stress and misunderstandings.



  • Discover the gems within your story’s timeline so you can see the value of where your life has led you.


  • You'll create a visual landscape of your story along with journal entries to capture the depth of the gems you uncover.


  • You'll clarify and reconnect with your true values so you can rediscover what drives you.


Your Result: You’ll have the ability to love yourself more because you truly know and understand yourself and have more to offer others.



  • Using the wisdom discovered we will identify and reclaim your unique soul purpose.


  • You'll create a workable plan for how to step into living your soul’s purpose.


  • You'll create a visual representation for the new you that's more whole with mind, body and soul working together so you can light up and be ready to live a fulfilled life.


Your Result: You’ll have more confidence, be able to trust Life and yourself and move forward with a clear plan to light up your life with purpose.

Because this is a pilot program, you’ll have insider advantages!  


  • You'll have the chance to help shape the content as we move forward so it's tailored to meet your needs.


  • We'll keep the group small so you get lots of attention and support.


  • There will be added private coaching support - more than future participants will be able to get. 


  • You'll get a savings on your investment when you join the pilot now, vs. when we run this program in the future.  


What You Get


  • Each week you'll get access to new training, broken down into bite sized pieces so you won’t feel overwhelmed.


  • We'll meet weekly for six weeks as a small group for coaching calls, so you’ll feel confident implementing what you learn.


  • You'll also have a private Facebook group to be a part of so you can receive lots of support in between calls, from me and other members.


  • As a special bonus, you'll also receive 2 private coaching calls with me (Value $350.00)!


As a certified Creative Mindfulness Coach I’ve received training that offers many different tools I’ll share with you to help you understand yourself and Life better.


The spiritual training I’ve also received blends perfectly to give me the ability to weave separate aspects of the mind, body and soul together so they can work cohesively helping you feel more whole and complete.



"So helpful... Really appreciated it... Lucy is wonderful!"   -N.A.

"Very enlightening & informative - soulful advice."   -C.B.

"Fun & expanding - great at thought provoking   -D.F.

"Lucy I loved today's message and lesson! I really felt connected to you and it felt like you were right in my kitchen with me while listening to you and doing the breathing techniques, which I really benefited from and actually felt the heat in my heart, I was surprised!"   -R.C.


"I am grateful you were sent to my life, this IS exactly what I needed and asked the Universe for! You are a blessing and my Angel! Namaste"    -C.B.


Who This Is For


  • You're a creative woman who is ready to hear the whispers of your soul nudging you  to begin living on purpose and fulfill your dreams.


  • You’re ready to look deeply into different parts of yourself to be able to bring them all together and learn how to truly love yourself.


  • You feel it’s time to learn how to trust yourself and your decisions with the ability to look within for the wisdom Life has given you.


  • You understand the power of working in a small group and are ready to take action, so you can walk away with the tools to light up and live life for yourself and have more to offer others!


I invite you to take advantage of the lower investment as a pilot program and help me create a program that will help you and so many other women.


Lucy Crisetig

Creative Mindfulness Coach

P.S. And, my special gift to those that commit to the full amount up front, you'll receive 2 private coaching sessions instead of one, where we deepen your understanding and keep you to your true path on purpose.

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