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A Creative Mindfulness Workshop

Tired of hiding your true self?

Want to feel more self-direction in your life?

Is it time to take the opportunities that used to pass you by?

Generate Genius Within You

I've been there. 


Living life on other peoples' terms or the way society said you "should", for one thing, can be exhausting, not to mention unfulfilling.


Until I knew there was another way to live, I had become frustrated and disillusioned with life and what it was all about.


I didn't come here to be mediocre.


Pile on top of all that a highly sensitive nature and you could have all the ingredients for a recipe for self-destruction.


Hiding my true self for the benefit of making others feel more comfortable was just not self-sustaining any longer.

I knew there was more to me that:

• I kept safely hidden inside the box

• firmly held between the lines and

• quietly pushed aside.

Those days are now gone!

I want you to know there is a way;

to live a more empowered life.

to have a life that you can feel comfortable in.

to know a life that you can be true to the innermost genius that resides within you.

Join me in this

Creative Mindfulness Workshop 

where you'll learn how to:

  • Hear your true voice rise up within you, maybe for the first time

  • Feel more empowered in the direction of your dreams

  • See the ripples touch others as you inspire them

Leave your details and then keep an eye out for my email with a link to make a secure payment.


   - Limited seats available to allow for a safe, supportive environment to Discover Your Divine

   - Guaranteed creative f.u.n.


WHERE: Ovik's, 35 Thomas Street, 2nd Floor, Streetsville

WHEN: November, 27 2017, from 7 - 9 pm


Leave your details and then keep an eye out for my email with a link to make a secure payment .

What People Are Saying...


"On behalf of our group who attended your workshop this evening, Thank YOU! for a fun night out, and for the opportunity to learn a bit more about ourselves. We went for coffee afterwards (what better way to end a night out, eh?) and some spoke of their opportunities -- or recognizing some behaviours that perhaps were not the best for that person (ie recognizing the need to control, releasing some of this need) to achieve their 'happiness & bliss'.  Very interesting conversations!                                                              P.H.


"I had told my mother and sister about the workshop and they are really eager to partake in your next workshop with me! I am just wondering when that would be. They are looking to empower theirselves just like I had came home feeling empowered, more aware and self-reflected. I also think it would be something very special that we could all experience together. I very much enjoyed the time I spent for myself that evening, and when I told them about it, I could tell that it had a ripple effect and influenced them positively as well."                                                                                                                        -A.V.


"Very enlightening and informative, soulful advice."                                                           -C.B.


You CAN Discover the Divine in You

Join Lucy Crisetig for a Creative Mindfulness Workshop 

and re-experience what it's like to feel your inner sanctuary


creative mindfulness coach



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© 2017 By Lucy Crisetig-Cosentino

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