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  Lucy Crisetig

Creative Mindfulness Consultant

[Original size] Creative Mindfulness Con
Watercolor Stain
finding sofia, young adult fiction

 I have a passion for guiding people to remember their brilliance. After my experiences as an adolescent and seeing what my children and their friends went through, I felt a desire to show a different way of moving through difficult times through the craft of storytelling.


In my studies of modern psychology, we know when children are very young, they’re like sponges, absorbing everything taught to them, even if it’s by default. By the time they are adolescents, they have a lot to work out, between changing bodies, hormones, and sorting through the meaning, for them, of different experiences. I feel it’s important for them to know that they’re not dropped on this Earth to fend for themselves and we can do more than we ever think possible. There is innate guidance, even if one believes it’s just their own intuition.


We are more brilliant than we know and that’s what “Finding Sofia – be inspired” really represents.


Larry the Ostrich

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