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The Sensitive Sisterhood

Are you ready to...

see the deeper meaning of what your relationships could be showing you

remember your deepest values, feel your passions, know your truths and desires

listen to what your body is telling you by reconnecting your mind and heart

I believe we all are meant to feel personal peace and to live with ease in our bodies. Once you begin making positive choices for positive changes in your life, it will then naturally ripple out to touch others. I’ve experienced the power of this happening in my life and I know it can be felt in your life too.


The Sensitive Sisterhood is a place where we come together for a monthly webinar. There will be support and tools to assist you in creating space within for self-confidence, self-honour, self-compassion, self-trust and self-forgiveness. In freeing up space for these values, you may find you have more understanding, compassion, honour, trust, forgiveness and acceptance for others too. You will flourish in your relationships by knowing your Self. Most importantly, you'll help make this world a better place.

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