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Find out how their sensitivity could be their greatest gift.

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Lucy Crisetig




Do You Feel Your

Child Is

Highly Sensitive?

Does your child often seem to be a quiet observer in the room, generally preferring a calm, quiet environment?​


Has your child frequently been labelled with things like, "too sensitive", "such a cry baby" or "so shy"?


Do you often feel like you're standing on shaky ground that's about to give way underneath you because you never know how your child may react to something?


Does something about what your child is going through, seem familiar? Maybe you've gone through something similar?

  • Please know you are NOT alone.

  • Research actually shows that 15-20% of the population is Highly Sensitive.

  • There is nothing to fix.

  • This is naturally due to a nervous system that's set to amplify the stimuli in your child's environment internally.

  • It is NOT your fault or your child's fault.

I once felt this way too...

  • As a child, I didn’t feel like I fit in with peers, family, or society in general. I was called the "shy" one and "too sensitive". I thought something was wrong with ME.

  • I felt like I was being put down and spiritually drained, like I was alone at the foot of a mountain that was just too high to climb. 

  • The first step I took was to understand myself, so I could build an important loving relationship with who I really am. I realised I didn't have to be fixed.

  • After a professional career as a graphic designer, I continued expanding my creative gifts as a published author and artist. I raised my own Highly Sensitive Children and spent many years at their school working with children, parents and teachers. There I saw the difficulties many of these children go through. As well as the parents' and teachers' confusion in how to address their requirements.

  • Today, I help people move past old beliefs about themselves and to use their sensitivity creatively. Acknowledging their gifts and living genuinely allows people to explore and expand the possibilities open to them that seemed invisible before.

  • Your child may be one of the most important people in your life.

  • Let me share with you how I've come to understand High Sensitivity.

  • NOW is the time. Help your child learn to let his/her light shine from the top of the mountain!

I believe we all are meant to feel personal peace and to live with ease in our bodies. Once we begin making positive choices for positive changes in our lives, it will then naturally ripple out to touch others. I’ve experienced the power of this happening in my life and

I know it can be felt in your life too.

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Today and Discover More About High Sensitivity In Children

I understand what you're going through and I believe that this is a natural gift that can help nurture the whole family.

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©2017 by Lucy Crisetig-Cosentino

Lucy Crisetig

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