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Exploring the Power of Belief for Creating Unlimited Possibilities

Our imagination, thoughts and beliefs are more powerful than we’ve ever known.

Our physiology makes it possible for repetitive suggestions that make their way into our minds to become more and more solidified by our thoughts until they become beliefs.

Once we believe our thoughts, we can imagine them and feel emotion around them and before we realize what happened, we end up experiencing them - confirming our beliefs. It’s a fascinating cycle.

This can work against us, if we’re not aware of it, yet once we are, we can make it work for us.

We’re Pretty Powerful Creatures

The take-away is anything is possible if you can believe it. Even if you don’t believe what I’m saying, this sequence is still working. We’re literally built that way.

“Do not become so attached to any one belief that you cannot see past it to another possibility.” – Christopher Paolini

We’ve been taught to disregard, or overcome our emotions because they’re a sign of “weakness”. People have been called hysterical when showing anger or frustration, overly sensitive when showing sadness, even being “too” happy can be frowned upon.

So that means our words, even only spoken in our own heads, can be powerful because said over and over, they solidify into beliefs. Once we believe them, we become them and then they are reinforced by our experience of them.

For example, if I say to myself or out loud, “I can’t do this. I’m not strong enough”, I’ve just declared two things to myself. The chances are extremely high that I won’t then be able to do something. I’ll also experience not being strong enough for whatever may be required of me.

Now, saying it once is one thing, but if that were my pattern of thinking, it would by default, be my pattern of experience as well. It would turn out to be a vicious cycle which could lead me to spiral further down if I didn’t catch it.

Let’s talk about how we can shift our understanding of who and what we are so we can actually make our minds and bodies work as intended – for us, not against us.

We’re coming up to the Holiday Season now, and there are all kinds of emotions these traditions can bring up mostly because of the beliefs we have about them.

Explore What’s Coming Up For You 

Many of us have had a difficult time during these days because of hard memories that don’t go away. Others have had people recently leave the Earth for a more blissful experience elsewhere. So we’re left with a gaping hole at the dinner table or around the Christmas tree.

I know how that feels. Missing a significant member of the family can be difficult. Or there’s a new illness or condition which alters the celebrations. It’s okay to feel sadness. The important thing is to acknowledge it and then not to linger there too long and let more troublesome thoughts take hold. Make the choice to see other possibilities and find an emotion you and your loved one could prefer.

Traffic and the crowds at the stores can affect how we respond in those circumstances and right into our arrival back home. What’s going through your mind at those times? How do you recount that experience to someone else? What emotions are going through you?

Remember, your body is listening to your thoughts and words. It’s creating the chemicals required to feel your emotions. Unless you are mindful to be aware if those are troublesome emotions, rather than push them aside, as we were taught, you will be creating dis-ease in your body.

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” – Eckhart Tolle

What Do You Truly Desire During These Holidays? 

Daydream for a bit and determine what you truly desire to feel over the Holidays this year.

Here are some examples of the emotions and feelings many people are going through:

  1. You wish your loved one was still here.

This is a big one. It’s completely understandable too. However, here is where we can look at your beliefs about death. They may be true for you or not really anymore. There might be some thought about death that feels better. Determine what your beliefs are and question whether you can know for sure they’re true. What other possibilities could be true? Which ones feel better?

  1. The Holiday Season always brings up old bad memories.

Maybe it does and maybe you can reconcile those old memories by changing your perspective of them. Make new memories that can help you feel more present with your situation now. Is it possible for you to set aside the past to focus on your present moment? Is forgiveness possible for you to give you relief?

  1. You feel dread while in a crowded store and see the long line at the cashier.

Since you’re required to pay before you leave, choose a feeling that feels better. Use that time to practice presence or mindfulness. Maybe focus on your breath. If you see someone struggling with their items, maybe you could choose to help them. Ask yourself where you can be of service. Serving others always serves yourself as well.

I’m not saying any of this is always easy and a lot of it is subconscious. However, the first step to feeling better is to acknowledge and believe that you do have the gift of choice. 

Then decide what emotions you’d rather experience. How can you honour those who have passed on and still feel joy? Who do you choose to Be when you're in traffic or in a crowded store? And do you believe all this is possible for you?

The biggest and most significant part of self-care is to be aware of what’s going on in your mind. Paying attention to your words and their effect on your body. To have awareness of what you believe is possible for the world. What is possible for you and what’s possible for you NOW.

Once you realize you have the gift of choice, you’ll begin to see possibilities all around you. Choose the ones that feel good to your heart.

This is what creates positive change in the world you experience – not blaming, shaming or guilting anyone. It all starts inside you.

When shift happens in you, shift happens everywhere.

Lucy is a Mindset Coach • Teacher • Mentor using a Creative Mindfulness approach. You can download your free copy of Lucy’s “The Busy-less Holiday Guide” ebook at

And order your 12 days of “Embrace Ease for a Mindful December” Only available in December 2023.

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