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Feel lit up by life

Meet Lucy


You’re here because you've been living your life for others and not for yourself. You feel lost and unfulfilled after making all the “right” choices in your life. 


You’ve given so much of yourself to so many and yet you have a sense there must be more to life than this and, heck, you know you were made for more. 


You’re at a crossroad in life and you’re feeling frustrated because you've looked for answers intellectually or from outside sources, yet nothing has made a difference. 


I’m Lucy Crisetig and I show women, who know they're meant for more, how to start living for themselves and stop living for others so they can finally light up with purpose, passion and fulfillment.

I have an unshakable belief that we’re so much more than the world would have us believe. We're all here to experience who we are as Love and Joy.


I was standing at my crossroad after the passing of my father 20 years ago.

My Journey of Self Discovery


I began walking a journey of self discovery, exploring who I really am and what it really means to be here. He helped me remember there’s so much more to me than just my physical body and because of that, there must be a purpose for me being here that’s more meaningful than all the "right" decisions I've made.


My life was great. On the outside, I had a beautiful family, I was able to quit working to raise my children, we had fun vacations, and I had lots of friends. I looked healthy and seemed to many to have a life of leisure.


What people didn’t know, I was suffering from anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues.

I raised my kids mostly on my own while my husband traveled every week for his job which is what allowed me

to stay home with my kids.


I helped my son through very serious health issues for many years. I was desperate to find real help for him

and searched every possibility I could. When things got even more serious with him, my mother’s health began

a steeper decline.


So I found myself struggling with pleasing everyone, friends and family, giving care and support to my son,

my mother, and family in general, yet losing myself in the process.


There have been many teachers in my life that helped me wake up to the genius of my soul and through them

I learned how to see the gifts in life’s challenges and define myself at the crossroads.

Here's What I Believe


There is great genius within all of us and here’s a hint - it’s not necessarily our intellect. It’s wiser than the best wisdom of the world because it’s individually tailor made - it’s the genius of the soul. 


And the best way to live your life on purpose, feel fulfilled and truly happy is to unearth what your soul knows to be true for you.


The wisdom of the world will tell you to “try harder”, "shiny things here!", “no pain, no gain”, or “be goal oriented” which only gets you so far unless you know how to live from your heart and accept the guidance from your soul's genius.


This is what I bring to the sessions when I work with people.


My greatest gift is listening to more than just what you’re saying and guiding you to those ‘a-ha’ moments. When your own wisdom is awakened with a deep realization and then a shift in your perspective happens which helps you release the pain you’ve been carrying. It’s also my greatest joy.


I’m a trained Creative Mindfulness Coach.


When working with my clients, I use a number of creative modalities such as

mindfulness, creativity, journaling, visualizations, meditation, timeline shifts and breath work. 


All this within a smooth flowing conversation like two friends sitting down for a coffee or tea.


Curiosity, laughter and play, which I naturally lean into, help awaken curiosity because without that we’re not open to finding deeper answers.


Surrounding myself with people who share their open hearts with authenticity is important to me.

If we were ever to meet, expect a warm hug to welcome you.


If you’re ready to have so much love for yourself and others and to impact the world with this radiance

then discover your soul's genius with me, I’d love to be your guide.


You know you were meant for more - let’s find out together. 


Every story is sacred and deserves to be heard.


The real you is deep inside and the journey we take together will allow the expression

of the genius of your soul to bring you back home to yourself.


I invite you to schedule a 15 minute discovery call with me and you’ll receive a Bonus Quiz to help you clarify where you stand in the crossroad. We’ll go over your answers in our call.


Let’s talk soon.


In peace,

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"Lucy is a wonderful, talented lady that feels the sensitivity of the soul. Through her compassionate and kind nature she is able to make you feel safe, calm and understood. She gently guides you through the difficult pathways until you find home.

I would recommend her to anyone."       - Hardeesh B.

Let me show you how to find more ease in life by going within and finding your soul's genius

Feel lit up by life again!
Begin your heart centered journey to your Soul's Genius.