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Live Your Life On Purpose
A Heart Centered Journey


You love your family and friends and you do everything you can to make them happy.

You're really good at your job and you do so much extra to please your boss or clients.

Yet, you feel lost in all the doing and you've forgotten how to be you.

After making all the "right" choices in your life, society told you it would lead to happiness

and instead, you're feeling lost and let down by life.

You've been living for others, not for yourself,

And you're seeing there must be more. 

So where do you look now?

Let me show you how to find more ease in life by going within and finding your soul's genius



• Powerful techniques to quiet your mind, calm anxiety and open yourself to hearing the

   whispers of your soul.

• Being in the crossroad and unsure of which way to turn, you can feel suddenly unfamiliar

   with yourself - body, mind or spirit.

• The first thing we'll do is to regain that awareness and grounding so you can

   reconnect with your body, mind and spirit.



• Creative methods to uncover and release what keeps you feeling stuck, to ignite your

   personal expression so you feel lighter and more optimistic about yourself and your life.

• Something you may not realize is there is great wisdom within you that's tailor made just

   for you. I will guide you to unearthing and accessing that gem so you can move through     future challenges with more ease and direction.



• Discover your purpose through your true genius, so you can move closer to the dreams

   that will fulfill you and enrich your life.

• Become curious again and remember what lights you up. Plant seeds for the future. Gain     peace with the past so you can define your boundaries and uphold them.



• Move forward with an action plan that lights you up so you can live the fullest expression

   of your life's purpose with confidence, self love and enriching relationships.

• Different experiences in life change us and it's important to honour that. Life's challenges

   are meant to help you create a greater version of yourself!

• Create a renewed vision of yourself and a more joyful connection with life and relationships.


"Lucy Crisetig is such an insightful person that her ability to intuitively know what the issues are and how to address them is astounding. Her desire to genuinely help people is imprinted in her genes. She is a warm and gentle soul that I truly believe brings light and goodness into this world."    - Lucy S.

Creative Mindfulness Coaching brings you into a beautiful state of flow.
Where a deep reflective state allows you to enliven your senses and tune into your intuition.
Heart space and thoughts can become one.

Feel lit up by life again!
Begin your heart centered journey to your Soul's Genius.

Generate Your Soul's Genius

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