Lucy Crisetig

Personal Growth Coach

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I've been trained to use journaling, poetry, colour, line, crafts, and art as creative modalities to reach a relaxed heart-centred state

of mind. The mindfulness journey can include the breath, creative awareness of the body, visualizations, timelines,

and other cutting edge methods of human growth.


Work With Me

1:1 Online/In Person

I have found excellent succes working with someone online over the Zoom platform just as well as in person. So whichever way you're most comfortable, we can work together.

Online Courses

If you prefer to work with a group of other people or on your own in your quiet space, I offer two online courses.

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A Look at Creativity


Creativity is something every one of us is born with. It's the part of you that receives ideas, visualizes what something might look like, imagines what you could do, daydreams your perfect life.

It's important to remember that although we'll be using various ways to coax your creativity to shine, artistic skill is not required.

When you're creating, it allows the space for you to get into your heart and really be authentic with yourself.


Creativity sits within each of us bubbling with excitement for

that moment of expression.

The magic.

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A Look at Mindfulness


Once you're into your heart, you're paying attention to your body. Learning to be aware. Tuning in to the sound of the voice inside you. Noticing patterns in your life and questioning why you do what you do. This leads you to your magic.

It's a path we walk together and the method that allows you to retreat from your thoughts, your worries, your stresses for just enough time so you can reach your well of wisdom, your brilliant gem, your genius.


Mindfulness is the tool that leads you to your creative self.

The wand.

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What Does a 1:1 Session Look Like?


"You can have no dominion greater or less than that over yourself" - Leonardo Da Vinci


                        A session with Lucy:

• begins with an open connection using compassion and focused inquiry just getting to know each other

• identifying patterns of thought or behaviour that keep you in stress or stuck

• modern psychology practices folded into the conversation like two friends chatting over coffee or tea

• mixed with a healthy dose of mindfulness 

• some line or colour, maybe poetry or journaling, whatever feels most comfortable


It doesn't involve delving through the past

Creative Mindfulness lives in the present moment with openness, honesty and no judgment.

Your genius can then rise to the surface. You will amaze yourself with your insights!

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"Lucy Crisetig is such an insightful person that her ability to intuitively know what the issues are and how to address them is astounding. Her desire to genuinely help people is imprinted in her genes. She is a warm and gentle soul that I truly believe brings light and goodness into this world."    - L.S.

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