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Create more harmony in your life

by breaking the patterns keeping you

stressed and creating space and time for you.

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A Program to Break Stress Patterns and Create More Time For You!

Unleash your power to love your way through life!

You want more time for you!


When you make room for harmonizing your life, Body, Mind and Soul, you're not just managing stress; you're sculpting a better, more empowered you.

Finding your way back to the wholeness of You, with tools that will unlock stress patterns, can melt overwhelm and frustration.


Embrace a fresh approach to time mastery and see the transformative power it brings!

Doors open soon! Join the waitlist today to receive a 30 minute Bonus Call!

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Lucy Crisetig

Guiding you on the journey to Harmonized Living!

Embracing "me time" isn't selfish.
It's the secret to a stress-free life, unlocking boundless energy to uplift those around you.

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Life feels like a constant battle, filled with “To Do” lists and no matter how much you get done, the busyness seems to persist. Ever think about just dropping everything and taking off somewhere?

It’s not that you don't understand self care. You've thought about just saying "no" or seeking help.

It’s not that you're avoiding responsibilities either. You are showing up. (Maybe even too much.) Now though, realization hits – continuing the status quo may not be enough…

However, your drive to please, excel at work, and be the best support for your loved ones remains strong.

Hint: Balancing those desires with your own feeling of joy and well being
is the missing link.

Here's the thing… You thought you were doing everything right, and yet, if you're getting lost in the process,
how can that be right?

… Make sense? If so, you’re in the right place.

Harmonized Living™ is a program designed to revolutionize your mindset on stress and self-care, giving you the tools to balance the time you spend for others and unleash the power within you to create more "me time".


Understand how to reconcile and create this harmony and say goodbye to overwhelm. Embrace a journey that leaves you feeling lit up, inspired, and in control.

Let's redefine your narrative together. 

Doors re-open soon! Join the waitlist today to receive a 30 minute Bonus Call!

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A program to break stress patterns and create more time for you!


It’s actually NOT enough to do "all the right things.”


If you want to finally conquer the stress and the pressure you've been under… and have more "me time", feel inspired, and in control of your days…

the key lies in a powerful mindset shift.

Why? Because…

Settling for the status quo and leaving YOU out of the equation won't transform your life.


When you shift your mindset and break the patterns of stress,

amazing possibilities unfold!

Focusing on yourself during stressful times is not just a luxury—it's a necessity for maintaining mental, physical and emotional health. It's building a foundation for resilience and a more balanced and fulfilling life so you can happily share yourself with others once you've restored your own compass.

So if you've ever thought, "I wish someone would teach me what I need to know so I can finally move forward

without wearing myself out!"

You're in the right place!


Hi, Lucy here,

People have asked me how I stay calm and confident amidst life's whirlwinds.

My own journey, navigating twists and turns in life, unveiled a discovery of purposeful living from my soul's wisdom with radical self love. It's been a game-changer in my life, unlocking endless possibilities.

I'm on a mission to empower conscious women, just like you, who are ready to transcend stress with confidence and clarity, unlocking a life of fulfillment, radiance and loving their way through life.

Through dynamic creative and mindful techniques, I guide clients to rediscover their true selves so they can feel lit up and on fire about life!

Let's awaken that spark within you and free you from stress patterns.

Doors will re-open soon! Join the waitlist today to receive a 30 minute Bonus Call!

Delicate Fabric

A Program to Break Stress Patterns and Create More Time For You!

Create more harmony in your life

by breaking the patterns keeping you stressed
and creating space and time for you,

for just

$117 U.S.

Regular Price is $195 u.s. and by joining

this Pilot Launch you'll receive a 40% Discount

You can:

• Transform stress and anxiety to a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

• Replace dreams of escape with gratitude for the present.

• Move from confusion to clarity, reconnecting with the wisdom in your body.

• Shift from being pulled in all directions to confidently holding your ground.

• Transition from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to moving forward with a

   dynamic, purpose-driven life.

Unleash your power to love your way through life!

Doors will re-open soon! Join the waitlist today to receive a 30 minute Bonus call!

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3 weeks of in-depth digestible trainings connecting you with

  • your body, so you can shift out of your mind to listen to your heart

  • your relationship with you, so you can know yourself better

  • your way forward, so you can maintain harmony in your life

all to free yourself from the confines of stress and overwhelm​.

One easy creative activity to help connect the information with your sub-conscious mind.

A detailed workbook with all the tools so you can refer back and implement them into your life.

Sound good?
Keep scrolling down for more details on the powerful curriculum

for instant access to:

Foggy Waters


"I am grateful you were sent to my life, this IS exactly what I needed and asked the Universe for! You are a blessing and my Angel! Namaste"

Hardeesh B.

"Lucy is a wonderful, talented lady that feels the sensitivity of the soul. Through her compassionate and kind nature she is able to make you feel safe, calm and understood. She gently guides you through the difficult pathways until you find home.

I would recommend her to anyone." 


Alex V.

"I had told my mother and sister about the workshop and they are really eager to partake in your next workshop with me! They are looking to empower theirselves just like I had came home feeling empowered, more aware and self-reflected. I also think it would be something very special that we could all experience together. I very much enjoyed the time I spent for myself that evening, and when I told them about it,

I could tell that it had a ripple effect and influenced them positively as well."

A look inside

Harmonized Living™
A Program to Break Stress Patterns and
Make More Time For You!

I'll walk you through the proven step-by-step Harmonized Living™ process for recognizing the stress patterns and creating more of what you need - 'me time'!

(Disclaimer: This program will put the power back in your hands so you can begin to love your way through life.)


Say good-bye to looking outside yourself for direction, validation and leaving YOU out of the equation. No more need for fantasies about escaping your life.

You'll learn how to tune in to your body's language, break the patterns causing stress and understand clear and simple ways for you to incorporate all the information to move forward.


You'll have actionable video lessons with tools you can easily implement.



By joining the waitlist, you'll receive a 30 minute call with me to clarify any questions you had during the program.

Ok, so here's what you'll get...

Module 1

Hidden Messages: An Immersive Exploration of the Body's Language

• Unraveling the body's language for enhanced self-understanding.

• Acquire practical strategies to effectively master the art of your body's language.

• Equip yourself with empowering tools for moments of stress

Module 2

Inner Harmony: Illuminating the Patterns of the Mind-Stress Connection

• Illuminating stress patterns and crafting strategies to bring more harmony to your life.

• Identifying thoughts and beliefs that are hindering your path forward.

• Engage in a fun creative activity to integrate new knowledge and wisdom.

Module 3

Integrating Harmonized Living™: Comprehensive Steps Forward

• Actionable steps to continue your practice of harmonized your life.

• Practical approaches to uphold and honour them so you can empower your authenticity.


• You'll receive a dynamic workbook packed with essential tools to reinforce the new insights you've gained. It's your go-to resource for quick refreshers anytime, anywhere.

Lifetime Access

• You'll have lifetime access to this program available for you to return to at anytime.


And by joining the waitlist, you'll receive a 30 minute call with me to clarify any questions you had during the program.

Foggy Waters


"Lucy I loved todays message and lesson! I really felt connected to you and it felt like you were right in my kitchen with me while listening to you and doing the breathing techniques, which I really benefited from and actually felt the heat in my heart,

I was surprised!"


"So helpful... Really appreciated it... Lucy is wonderful!" 


Denise F.

"Fun & expanding - great at thought provoking" 


Christina B.

"Very enlightening & informative - soulful advice."

Woman at a Desk

Ready to say 'buh-bye!' to...

• Stress and anxiety

• Dreams of escape

• Being pulled in all directions

• Feeling stuck and unfulfilled

and 'helllloooo!' to...

• a relaxed and peaceful state of mind

• feeling confident about who you are and what you need

• gratitude for where you are

• moving forward and loving your way through life

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