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  Lucy Crisetig

Personal Growth Coach

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finding sofia, young adult fiction
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Finding Sofia inspired


by Lucy Crisetig

Middle-Grade Fiction



Sofia is thirteen years old and highly sensitive. She has been content to stay in the background for most of her life–– until this turning point. Crucial relationships with her family and friends seem to be falling apart. In the midst of struggling to understand that, an enormous environmental challenge at school has stirred up a passion in Sofia that she never knew existed. She is reeling from the pressure and feels all alone. She has no idea what to do.


Aura knows Sofia’s never been alone and she knows exactly what she could do. Aura is the Guidance Sofia has forgotten about. She does her best to remind Sofia that she’s there, only a breath away. If Sofia could find her Self and ask for help, then Aura could step in.


Will the pressure be too much for Sofia? Can she dig deep to find her Self? What can Aura possibly do?

Illustrated Moon

About Lucy's writing,


After a positive career as a graphic designer, she chose to raise her children full-time. That led her to many years of volunteer work in schools with children, faculty and parents.


Upon graduating from three courses at the Institute of Children’s Literature, Lucy has been successful in a number of competitions with short stories. The power of the imagination coming through storytelling and the creative process has long been one of her passions.

"The book has been making its rounds and is hardly ever in our bookshelf..." "I have seen our Teenagers reading it."

-Child and Youth Worker


"I like that this book goes beyond what we physically see. Life is full of decision making and each decision affects those around us. It's nice to know that we have an internal compass that guides us... if we let it."

- Artist/Youth Educator

"A Wonderful Book "Finding Sofia". A girl finding her inner strengths and becoming more confident and strong! FIND AND BELIEVE IN SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOU! OUR ANGELS ARE ALWAYS WITH US!"

- Amazon Reader

"Just read Finding Sofia: Be Inspired. Beautiful read to help adolescents with self-esteem.

I love it - soooo different and inspiring."


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