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  • Lucy Crisetig

The Earth Doesn't Need Saving - We Do!

Sofia said, “We treat each other as badly as we treat our home – our Earth.” When humans hurt each other in any way; in speaking, in action or in thought; holding grudges, making judgments, blaming, withholding compassion or just putting energy into hateful or hurtful things, Earth is feeling it and responding. She deserves better.

The idea that humans will “Save the Earth” seems immature at best. The phrase instills fear and where there is fear, there is no Love. How can humans possibly treat Earth better when they treat each other so badly? How can they possible treat each other better when they treat themselves so badly?

From my higher perspective as the one who’s been with Sofia since she arrived on Earth, these are things I’ve come to understand. It seems to me, that the place to start is within each and every human. Reach inside to find your self-worth. Inside is where your true power lies. Get to know the Love that’s there for you and bring it out.

When you Love yourself, you naturally Love every one and every thing else better. Sofia said, “Love the Earth” as her slogan for the school campaign. It carries a soft gentleness from the heart. Earth has given humans so much and continues to this day. It’s beyond time to give back.

Today, consider the idea of reaching deep inside to touch the Love that’s waiting there for you to remember.

Love your Self, Love each other, Love the Earth.

Immense Love,


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