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  • Lucy Crisetig

The Earth Doesn't Need Saving - We Do! Love the Earth, love your Self.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Beautiful Earth

By now, we’ve all seen changes in the weather, heard about chemicals being sprayed on our food and in our air, the very dna being tampered with in our food, among other things. The list of ways we’re negatively affecting the Nature that nurtures us could go on and on.

Gratefully, there are many movements around the world that are working towards changing these effects. They often refer to their work as “Saving the Earth”, a plea for all of us to “Save the Earth”.

Yet, as grateful as I am for this, my heart still feels like there’s something we’re all missing here. I’m sure there are many highly sensitive people out there have a strong connection to Earth. I’ll bet they are feeling the same as I am.

Hermes once said, “As above, so below”.

A phrase I often refer to when I feel perplexed about something. It helps me bring into focus the message lying beneath the surface of an issue.

If we are attacking, in so many ways, the very being who nurtures us and gives us life, where else are we doing this in a smaller way?

In “Finding Sofia –be inspired”, Sofia said, “We treat each other as badly as we treat our home – our Earth.”

People hurt each other in more subtle ways than raw violence; through words, actions or thoughts; holding grudges, making judgments, blaming, withholding compassion. Just putting energy into hateful or hurtful things, like watching violent shows or movies and playing or creating violent video games. Earth can feel it all and is responding.

She deserves better.

The idea that humans will “Save the Earth” seems immature at best. The phrase even instills fear. The idea that we’ve pushed Earth to the edge and now it’s up to us to bring her back from the brink…

It’s like there’s a neighbour who drops off our groceries for us day in and day out without ever asking anything in return. Yet, all we do is criticize and blame this person. She sees us arguing amongst each other. We never show any interest in how she’s doing. Regardless, she returns, with her head held high, each day looking more and more battered, carrying food to keep us nourished. Eventually she’s only hobbling over and we finally notice while still criticizing and blaming her. It was our constant attacks that made her sick to begin with.

Where there is fear, there is no Love.

How can we humans possibly treat Earth better when we treat each other so badly? How can we possible treat each other better when we treat ourselves so badly?

It seems to me, that the place to start is within each and every one of us. Start with the “man in the mirror”, as Michael Jackson’s song says. Man or woman, boy or girl, let’s reach inside to find our self-worth.

Inside is where our true power lies.

Get to know the Love that’s there and bring it out to the world.

When we learn to Love ourselves, we will naturally find more Love for every one and every thing else.

Sofia said, “Love the Earth” as her slogan for the school campaign.

It’s much less difficult when we put it this way. Earth has been nurturing us forever. It’s beyond time to give back. It takes one small step at a time. Choose kindness whenever possible.

Today, consider the idea of reaching deep inside to touch the Love that’s waiting there for you to remember.

Love the Earth. Love your Self. Love each other.

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