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  • Lucy Crisetig


Forgiveness - what a loaded word. Who wants to forgive someone who’s hurt you? And without even an apology? Or they refuse to admit that you were right? Your best revenge is to not forgive that person, right?

I get it. As Sofia’s angel, I’ve observed her thoughts and feelings and I know many of you have trouble with this. Maybe you could consider another perspective.

Remember when Sofia let all of her anger, frustration and pain out while she was in the forest? She slammed, thwacked and smashed all of that emotion out of her and into her beloved tree, the bushes, the ground. Once she finally released all the negative energy she had been holding, there was space. Within that space, she was able to notice the flower she had stomped on and damaged, yet still lifted its bloom to face her and show her its beauty.

That whole event encapsulates the true meaning of forgiveness. The strength of a flower to still offer its beauty to the one who hurt it. Sure, you’re probably thinking, easy for a symbolic flower, but how do you deal with the person who betrayed you?

The reality is, the grudge you’re holding against that person is only hurting you. The other person has gone on with their life, whereas the grudge keeps you stuck in the past, reliving the event and what you could’ve said or done. What you’re believing about that person may or may not even be true.

To move on from a painful moment is to forgive, not for them, but for you. Question your thoughts and hold their face in your mind. Show them your beauty – forgive, then let it go. Turn it into wisdom that you keep in your heart.

Let your beauty shine.


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