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Releasing Stress and Discovering Yourself

3 Little Words That Propelled Me Forward

I recall the exact moment I felt a shift was coming in my life. Have you ever had one of those moments? A time when you started the journey back to who you really are?

Mine began when my father passed away.

Here’s just a peek into who he was. He had a moustache that defined his broad smile, one that would light up a room! He loved to laugh and no matter who came to our home, they were welcomed in and presented with a glass of his delicious homemade wine. 

He lived through a lot of big challenges in his life and somehow persevered. He taught me many things. Whatever difficulty I was going through, he’d tell me, “Lu, never give up.” Tears would well up in his eyes, as quickly as they do in mine.

It was my fortieth birthday when he passed away. My happy world came crashing down around me. I’d never experienced someone close to me die before.

I went through the motions in a daze. The funeral was a cloudy, chilly December day. A cold rain drizzled down while we stood at the cemetery. 

The service was over and everyone started walking back to their cars. I stood frozen to the spot and turned to my family and friends shouting, “We can’t just leave him here!”.

Did that come out of my mouth?  I still couldn’t move. Someone came to walk me to the waiting limousine.

This is when my life took a different direction.

Since I had spent years trying to please the people around me, I felt unsatisfied, lost, and had low self esteem. I didn't really know myself - what I wanted, my values and beliefs.

Relationships seemed difficult and depression set in slowly and I was finally beginning to discover it. 

Antidepressants made me feel flat emotionally. I found out I didn’t want to depend on something outside myself to function.

Can you relate to any of this?

“Lu, never give up”, echoed in my mind over and over.

I decided to get some self help books to give me some insights and give me some answers to how I was feeling. 

In the bookstore, amidst the raw scent of printed paper, I began to search.

I silently asked, “Dad, help me find the right book”. While I squatted down looking at titles, behind me I heard something. A book had literally fallen off the shelf.

It was a spiritual book and I felt my whole body resonate with it. So I started there.

A couple years later and several other spiritual and self help books, I noticed an ad on my social media which I’d never usually click on.

However, this was a moment when time stood still and the ad appeared to grow bigger and jump out towards me.

The signals I used to disregard, I now, learned to pay attention to.

It turned out to be the very thing that would help me reunite my mind, body and spirit.

It was a year long course towards certification to be a Creative Mindfulness Coach and Practitioner. (Read my article, Unlocking the Power of Creative Mindfulness for insights and benefits of Creative Mindfulness coaching.)

After many mind blowing revelations, people had commented that I looked younger and more at ease with myself.

I discovered beliefs that weren’t mine. I noticed and changed the voice in my head to be more kind. I learned how to dissolve long held beliefs that I wasn’t even aware of, to value the different sides of me, to reconnect with my intuition and creativity, and so much more.

I held a passion and the tools to offer this unique gift to others who may feel the way I did to:

  • Understand themselves better - their values and beliefs

  • Reconnect to their intuition and the signals from their bodies

  • Light up with curiosity, play and more

Witnessing people release the stressful patterns that come with not living in the wholeness of their body, mind and soul is my great passion. For them to have the bodily experiences and a-ha moments that shift their perceptions and help them see life slightly differently.

Many clients have been able to release stuck emotions holding them back from recognizing how to love their way through life.

It’s such a gift to be able to say, “It’s okay to be fully who I am. I can let this go and just be me. I don’t have to carry this guilt, shame, blame, judgment, etc. anymore.”

I’m glad I followed my dad’s advice and never gave up on myself.

Now I say that to you, 3 words that showed me how sacred life is, never give up.

Are you still living in stress and searching for that missing piece? Are you feeling pulled in so many different directions and are longing to make space for you again? 

Let’s have a conversation. Email me at

I’d like to invite you to sign up to the waitlist for a new program called “Harmonized Living: A Program to Break Stress Patterns and Create More Time For You”.

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