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How to Create Your Destiny by Recognizing Your Self Worth

We’ve been given flawed information about who we are

Photo by: Frank Cosentino

It’s time to count ourselves worthy.

While the ego might pipe up quickly and declare, “Of course, I’m worthy of everything I have. I’m a good person. I pay my bills, and I work hard.”

That could all be very true.

How do you feel, though?

We’ve been living under the premise that we are flawed beings. We’re taught that we’re competitive and violent creatures, nature versus nurture, and survival of the fittest. We’ve learned to compare ourselves to other people rather than to who we were, or how we did, yesterday.

Especially at an age when people are most suggestible, up to age 7, flawed beliefs are induced in our subconscious minds.

“Give me a child and I’ll shape him into anything.” -B.F. Skinner.

Maybe you can recall a childhood game called Musical Chairs.

It works like this: say there are ten children playing. There will only be nine chairs available for someone to sit on. When the music starts, everyone walks around the chairs in a circle. As soon as the music stops everyone must rush to find an available chair to sit on. Inevitably, one person will be left without a seat and is eliminated. The game goes on until there’s one winner.

Fun as this game can be, it subliminally teaches children so many flawed beliefs. There’s not enough to go around, you are not good enough, I don’t deserve any, push your friends out of the way to get yours, are just some of the things the subconscious can come away with.

We’ve been taught to disregard our feelings. Focus on the task that must be done or the belief that we are taught, even if it contradicts every alarm bell our body is signalling us.

All of this inevitably leads people to feelings of unworthiness when you boil it all down.

We’re not flawed. We’ve been given flawed information about who and what we are.

This has led us to flawed beliefs about ourselves individually and collectively. Right now, we’re living in a world where the mainstream focus is on the results of all our flawed beliefs.

“The primary principle of quantum physics is that consciousness is creating the world we’re experiencing.” -Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • Climate change (such a whitewashed label for potential catastrophe)

  • Viruses suddenly running rampant all over the world

  • Corrupt politiciansSpineless leaders unable to take a meaningful stand to inspire meaningful change

  • Continued dependence on oil

  • Corporations that don’t care about the people they’re serving, yet lining their pockets with those peoples’ hard-earned money (Do they ever read these articles?)

  • Violence on TV and in our streetsPeople numbing themselves so they can run away from these problems

  • Wars still being waged and fought for selfish reasons with no concern for the innocents living through it, dying from it, or witnessing it from afar

  • Individuals working long hours under pressure just so they can have what it takes for basic living needs

  • People feeling entitled to another person’s body

  • Complete disregard for the living breathing planet that sustains us

We’re better than that.

“The world we have created is a byproduct of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” -Albert Einstein

Then to honestly and authentically look inside at our role in any of this is, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. The truth is, everything matters.

If we were living our best lives through this behaviour, and it were normal and innate in us, we’d be joyful, free and uplifted as a general side effect because we’d be whole, centred and on point.

As things stand, depression and anxiety have not been more widespread as it is today. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates more than 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression. They actually describe it as, “Depression is a common illness worldwide”.

No matter how spiritual you may be, surely there were nanoseconds when life itself has seemed miraculous.

The fact we exist among so many other life forms, including the Earth herself, is a marvel.

How could we not be better than the problems we’ve created by flawed beliefs?

Be present, right now without thinking, judging, or labelling.

Look around you.

Follow your breath in and out of your body. Don’t label anything. How does it feel?

Focus on your heart. Don’t label anything. How does your soul feel?

Just feeeel.

This is how we begin to remember who we are.

If you allow yourself to feel it, your heart can give rise to gratitude, joy, love, wholeness, peace, bliss, safety, security, or well-being in this state. And this is the state where we can become aware of what those flawed beliefs are which we hold onto so tightly. Then we can begin to question their truth or falsehood.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” -C.S. Lewis

We are better than the world we’re experiencing collectively on this planet and individually in our lives.

It’s time we accept it and start acting like it because we’re the only life on Earth who has the power and capability to create any of this. There’s no one else here with our ability to choose the state of consciousness we inhabit.

Just imagine the world we could create if we accept that we could just choose differently.

Your well-being and that of our world depend on it.

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