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Poetry In Motion

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Featured on Belle of the Carnival

by Lucy Crisetig

What is it that sets poetry apart from any other writing genre? While all kinds of writing, in a sense, use words to create pictures in our imaginations, poetry can seem more like pure art.

Along with the picture, poetry goes further and evokes emotion. At its core, it leaves you with a sense of something that touches the deepest part of you - something in your Soul.

A poem that evokes feelings of joy and peace can be easy to linger in harmony with. However, poems can also be accompanied by a feeling of longing, which can be a little more difficult to allow in.

When a poem brings on an uncomfortable feeling that begins to ring through your core, you’ve been present with yourself just long enough to be shown something deep within you - a gift for reflection.

Poetry has a magnanimous role to play in unplugging us from our many distractions, the ones that let us get away with not feeling our feelings. Our smart phones, various social media, ads on TV, in our newsfeeds, celebrity dramas, friends’ dramas, I could go on. Feeling uncomfortable yet?

I’m grateful to have this opportunity to have unplugged myself, just enough, in order to feel and express a deep part of my Self.


By Lucy Crisetig

In a room of violet, a spirit so free

Chasing unicorns in a land just waiting for me

Here words abound, gentle and light

Eyes that are focused, shining and bright

She did wait patiently, for me to return

A little worn yet wiser, for much I did learn

Our souls blend as one, for time is no more

Remembering this light, my heart knows to soar

Here we write, among the stars

As we wonder if we came, from Venus or Mars

In a room of violet, a spirit so free

Whole and complete, the one waiting was me


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