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How To Create and Participate In The Story of You

Your story is unique and valuable. You can make it your own.

Many of the challenges and breakthroughs in the previous three years have left you feeling exhausted and wondering what’s next for you. In the blink of an eye all our lives have changed exponentially.

Maybe you’re seeing the world differently or even seeing yourself differently. You may even be questioning what’s true or untrue in your life.

Looking at the last three years from where we sit it could all look very chaotic.

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

If you’re trying to keep up with everything that’s going on or in the stress of trying to stay ahead of it, there are creative steps for you to design your dance of life.

Rather than just trying to stay ahead of what’s coming, you might want to know exactly how you’re wired so you can affect life.

That’s right, instead of waiting for how life will affect you, learn how you can affect life.

We’re all wired and built for this and this is where creativity plays such an important role. There’s a lot of data proving this to be true.

Everything in your life begins and ends with you. Your choices matter whether they’re on purpose or by default - when you don’t choose, you’re still choosing.

Steps To Designing Your Dance of Life

1. Build Your Imagination Muscles

Remember when you were a kid and your imagination was allowed to be let free during play? As you grew up, you might’ve been encouraged to drop the play and your imagination.

  • “Imagination isn’t real.”

  • “Playing is for children.”

  • “You’re in dreamland. Come back to the real world.”

  • “The real world doesn’t work that way.”

  • “Stop acting silly. You’re an adult now.”

We weren’t taught that our entire physiology is built to be able to create the life we choose.

And it involves things we were told were meaningless:

  • Imagination

  • Curiosity

  • Play

  • Heart-focused emotion

  • Gratitude

2. What Does Your Heart Truly Desire?

  • Pause to consider this and list everything your heart desires this year.

  • Write the story of how you want your 2023 to turn out. How does it look?

  • Then look at what’s required to begin the process of building your next chapter.

You don’t have to completely change your life. Just decide on ONE intentional act that could move you in the direction you choose.

One small step is all it takes. One repeated step builds momentum.

3. Are Your Thoughts In Sync With Your Desire?

Focusing on the past, creates depression, and focusing on the future, creates anxiety. Mindfully stay in the present moment as much as you can.

Your thoughts send a signal to your body telling it how to feel. So decide how you want to feel daily. Then be mindful to see whether your thoughts are matching that.

If you feel accomplished, you’ll achieve more. If you feel worthy of what you work towards, you’ll receive more.

Conversely, if you feel victimized, you’ll be taken advantage of. If you’re judgemental of yourself or others, you’ll encounter experiences of judgement.


Imagine thousands of us, focused on a specific outcome affecting how we experience life moving forward. We all generally want to experience love, joy, peace, cooperation, kindness, honor, care, etc.

If we were to focus on those emotions for 5 minutes every day, we could literally create the experience of them in our lives and improve the state of the world.

We are creators at our core. Just look at everything physical in the world. Everything started in the imagination of humans.

  • From the imagining stage there came feelings of joy and excitement.

  • Then the visualizations - seeing in the mind how it could look.

  • Then came the physical aspect: drawings or writings and eventually physically creating it. All while building on the feelings of joy, excitement and accomplishment.

Remember, you have genius within you.

Imagine the freedom and relief that actively participating in your life could bring - not to be the victim.

Invest in yourself to build the best version of you. Sometimes the parts of you that hold you back require cleansing before you can create successfully.

We hear so much about releasing toxins physically, we forget about the energetic toxins we hold onto. Don’t let that cleansing stop you from creating.

Your story is in your hands.

You have what it takes.

Keep going.


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