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How Stress and Overwhelm Hijack the Mind So You Forget the Soul

We are energetic beings. Besides flesh, bones, blood and water, we have energy running through us and around us.

When you connect with the deepest part of yourself in quiet presence, you know this to be true.

Ancient healing practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic Medicine naturally take the human energy body into consideration for healing. Even allopathic medicine uses our energy as a measure of health with the use of electrocardiograms (ECG) and electroencephalograms (EEG).

The law of thermodynamics says, energy can transform from one state to another, but it can neither be created nor destroyed. So the energetic part of us exists, has always been and will always be.

Why Do We Dismiss this Connection to Our Soul?

We’ve learned that to get ahead in the world, or be successful in life, we have to lead with our minds, pay a bit of attention to the body when it’s hungry and completely dismiss the soul.

Imagine a tree that has good soil and water but remains in the dark. What happens to the tree? How strong is it? Does it seem happy? Does it seem stressed? How healthy does it look? How long does it survive?

Everything in nature thrives with this intelligence of life. We humans are part of that nature too. This intelligence breathes you.

Your soul is the energetic essence of who you are - your true nature, at the core level. It’s the force that animates, moves, and even speaks to you. Your soul is the source of your intuition and higher knowing.

Your connection to your soul suffers when you don’t nourish it by integrating a spiritual component into your life. It remains resolute to give your life meaning and purpose.

When the mind and the body have forgotten the soul:

  • You second guess yourself

  • You constantly worry about outcomes

  • Stress and overwhelm are guests in your mind that don’t want to leave

  • You don’t trust yourself or life

  • You feel less than and compare yourself to others

  • You usually search outside yourself for continual reassurance

  • Frustration sets in when you find you’re not in control

  • You’re perpetually in your head trying to figure things out so you make the right move

  • Life seems to be a struggle

  • You please others before pleasing yourself

  • You have less love for yourself

This is all while your soul is left waayyy in the background trying to get you to remember who you really are.

How Do You Hear Your Soul?

The soul will speak in whispers leading you to your most aligned life. Unless you’ve ignored the subtle whispers and then it could speak up loudly in order to get you back on track.

Like when being let go from a job or career that isn’t aligned with your ultimate best interests, or force you to move because where you’re living is not where you’re meant to be, or a health issue. All this to get you back on track for the journey originally set out for you.

The subtle whispers can come in the form of:

  • Signs

  • Yearnings or longings

  • Visions

  • Feelings

  • Dreams

We’ve learned to dismiss these things as “nothing”, “silly”, or “woo-woo”.

Your soul is the most ancient part of you that is wise beyond your years and chose to be here at this particular point in time.

You’re not just a body being led by the mind. That’s how you get off track and life just doesn’t seem to work for you. The mind can lead you so far down the wrong road and still not know how to bring you back up.

When the soul is invited back into the trinity, there’s a graceful dance that goes on between the mind, body and soul. The soul leads by invitation and the mind and body follow - that’s the natural order.

How To Live Your Soul’s Purpose?

You have the ability to tap into that intelligence of life or genius within you that can give you the right answer for anything. All that’s required is to learn to flex that muscle and keep doing it until it becomes stronger.

Step 1: Invite your soul to step forward and lead either with a question or intention.

Step 2: Remain open to receiving the subtle whispers that come through and trust without

overthinking - that’s the mind running the show again.

Step 3: Take action on your answer, even if it doesn’t make sense, and allow more flow

Into your life.

You are so much more than the programs you grew up with led you to believe.

Your heartfelt intention is the key to remembering who you really are. Your soul will take it from there. An ally who’s gone through this process can be really helpful for support and guidance.


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