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Be Awesome!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Creativity, Mindfulness, Highly Sensitive Children

The main character in my book, "Finding Sofia", has so many feelings she's working through and attempting to make sense of. We've all had them; fear, anger, frustration, sadness, even rage.

What on earth do we do with them?

Are we doomed to be victims to the negative events going on around us?

Sofia is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), so she feels things deeply. She picks up the emotions of other people. So manoeuvring through life can become very confusing. Maybe her outburst in the forest is something many of you can relate to and feel a part of.

We may not physically bash something (although some might), mostly we end up stuffing our feelings deeper down inside us. Once quietly tucked away, hoping they’ll never bother us again. A choice that only 'pollutes' our bodies with negative emotions = negative energy in motion.

Highly Sensitive Children, Create, Nature

Highly sensitive people are working with a more sensitive nervous system that most others. In fact, according to Dr. Elaine Aron, who studied HSP’s in depth, about 20% of the population have a more sensitive nervous system. She coined the label "Highly Sensitive People" or HSP. Other labels could include Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow children. While labels don’t define us, they can merely help us understand ourselves better.

No one is more or less than anyone else.

While the scene in the forest is relatable, it's also symbolic of the way our internal rages affect our Earth and ripples out to affect others on this Earth. The effects of her anger hurt the very Nature that gave her constant solace. You've got to read the book to know what I mean.

Learning to be present and mindful as we deal with life’s circumstances can help us steer away from any damage our emotions can inflict on others.

Sofia was able to focus on her breath and feel the darkness inside of her. Rather than deny it and just carry on, she faced it. She dared to step out of her comfort zone and reach for something greater than herself.

Be Awesome! Jump for joy!

Until that moment of courage, she had no idea how powerful she could be.

Could we be willing to feel what is polluting us inside and let it go? Bring a Divine spark of light to it and see where it could take us?

We're not here to be small victims to the events that happen around us.

We can all be extensions of that Divine spark of Love inside us and reach out with compassion in our own worlds. We can become greater than we have ever dreamed.

Be Awesome!

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