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Absorbed in the Busyness of Life

You've been really busy right? Time is just flying by.

I mean, it’s one thing after another and very little time in the day to get everything done!

I know, you’ll take time for yourself once everything gets done. Makes sense, except…

Everything will never be done.

We’ve all seen this train wreck happen before. People busy getting work done, busy getting house and family stuff done. People busy tending to clients and making reports, people busy accumulating enough resources to get all the stuff that when it’s all done, yet by then it could be too late or a much more difficult road.

Getting lost in the busyness of (what we’ve been taught is) Life, leaves us with very little time and space to replenish the energy we give away everyday.

When that happens, we can get to the point of forgetting who we really are, what’s important to us, and what gives us joy.

We’re not here to just get things done, be with the right people, or make others happy. If we were, we’d have gotten fulfillment, joy and peace figured out.

Are We Really Here For the Busyness of Life?

Witness the beauty and joy of Nature, we are a part of Nature. It’s a large part of what makes us who we are. So when did we begin to separate ourselves from it?

We’ve become so busy “making ends meet” and doing what others tell us is the way to live.

  • We’ve let go of the link to our own values

  • We’re blind the our needs not being filled

  • We don’t listen when it’s time to pause

  • We’ve forgotten our connection to the sacredness of Nature

The Earth is what nurtures us. Our ancestors would send gratitude for the blessing of that nutrition because they knew it was a sacred gift.

There was a conscious relationship with the land, air, sea and animals. They knew they were not separate from any of it. They were able to communicate with animals, sense when rain was coming, and know when it was time to move a settlement because they recognized their values, needs and kinship with the Earth.

We’ve become so distanced from that part of us, the natural part, that we don’t trust ourselves or the world anymore. We’ve put our trust in “science”. The same science that can be manipulated and skewed to push through a special interest that usually involves a lot of money and zero consideration for our well being.

What can we do?

1. Clean Food

Find the cleanest and purest sources of water, meats, fish, fruits and vegetables you can. Hydrate well with clean water. Stop eating processed foods and drinks so your body is supported with the best nutrition you can find for it.

2. Move Your Body

Begin some form of exercise. There are so many fun ways to keep your body moving. Choose one or two and stick to it. Remember why you’re doing it.

3. Reconnect

Spend time in Nature and consciously be present with it with the intention to connect to it. Feel the energy of the water rushing downstream. Smell the wild flowers and recognize the sweetness of life through them. Sense the reverential strength of the trees as they tower above you in protection. Touch the ground beneath you with your skin to give your body access to the energized electrons from the Earth and feel the stress release from your body.

4. Remember

My favourite way to create change in this dynamic is to find ways I can return to the wisdom of eras gone by before we were disconnected from it. Imagine if you didn’t require any outside product or intervention other than nature’s nutrition, water and a loving heart.

Imagine if you could release stuck and buried energy from emotions of a past you haven’t yet released. That energy could free up the organs and systems of the body so they could work optimally again and free up space for more loving energy to enter, to support your thriving.

Imagine if you were so connected to the signs and signals your body gives you, you could instruct it to create any required chemicals and deliver them naturally through the body’s systems.

It all seems so simple, could it really be true? There are studies being done that confirm all of that is possible.


This is a wake up call for us to remember who we are and what we’re really capable of when we do. Maybe when we take a stand for putting ourselves first, those close to us can also remember.

Dr. Zack Bush has stated, “Our bodies are 99.99% energy managed by the interaction with water molecules. The water molecule is the translator between biophysics and microbiology. The biologic has to “plug in” through the water molecule to access the energy that is available. When you’re really well hydrated you have access to all the energy of the Universe, which is infinite.”


I'm giving an online workshop - Adopting Healthy Stress Responses • Surrender • Listen • Release - in September. If you think it's something you could benefit from, let me know in the comments and I can put you on the list to send you more information.

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